Friday, August 5, 2011

The invasion of the sketchbooks

Everytime I see a fancy sketchbook I have to get it, no matter how many I've already
bought or whether I've already filled them up or not! So here are some of my latest
bargains- my favourite one is the leather bound book from Topshop, the material is
really nice and the paper so smooth! And you won't believe it, the cheapest book was
only 3,50 Euros, and I've bound it in a fabric hardcover (the red flowery patterns)
together with a smaller one. Love that material as well! The sketchbooks from Muji
are also really amazing and low-priced, as they have this smooth paper texture and a
very simple design (the spiral-bound notebook and the passport-sized notebook).
Ah, I'm so in love with all of them :)