Friday, October 8, 2010

additional modules in new class

I'm going to switch to English from now on, since I'm on my exchange
semester in England and rarely speak or think in German anymore ;)
So the first week of uni has passed, and I'm really enjoying my time here.

The students are so friendly and helpful, I get along with them very well.
Our projects are quite interesting, and I am eager to do my best.

I will be doing three projects in my graphic design module, which I really
do appreciate, but I was missing some illustration stuff. So I approached the
lecturer and talked to him about taking a second module, but he reclined to
let me take part in it, since it would have clashed with the first module on two
days. I was disappointed, since the overlapping wasn't too big. While
discussing the matter, I sensed that there was another reason why I should not
take part - The lecturer said that he can't just allow anybody to attend the
module, since it is based on the first year module, so I would lack the basic
understanding of the projects. I told him that we did similar things in Germany
as well, so he asked me to show him my portfolio ...

I had to explain some of the ideas in my pictures, and finally he
said he would arrange something for me, so that I can attend both modules! And
I was soo happy, I was just sitting there and didn't know what to say :)

So now I have lots of work waiting for me, and I'm really excited to do it! :D


  1. Ich habe gehört, das passiert tatsächlich.
    Du vergisst dann langsam deine eigene Sprache.

  2. Ich hab das erste mal Englisch geträumt, als ich in Prag war... da ging das schon nach zwei Tagen los... find aber gut das du in Englisch schreibst.. kann ich auch ein bissel üben wenn ich mir deine Beiträge durchlesen.

  3. Tolle Skizzen! :) Mag die Haare sehr!
    Freut mich, dass du jetzt den Stundenplan hast den du dir gewünscht hast!! Zeigs ihnen Kleine!! *anfeuer* xD

  4. Sehr schön, dass das klappt, wie du dir das wünscht :) Die Skizzen sind klasse, das ist wie eine Art Tagebuch von dort. Ich bin gespannt, was du aus den Projekten rausholen wirst! <3